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Our Robotic Laser Heat Treating System is the ideal tool for targeted partial hardening or tempering of metal surfaces. It can be utilized for products that are normally induction hardened, products that are normally case hardened and surfaces that are normally nitrided to improve wear characteristics. For example, on large plastic injection molds, you will be able to finish machine with pre-hardened tool steels and then laser harden the shutoff areas/parting lines and wear surfaces. This will save the tool maker hundreds of hours of finish machining on a hardened tool yet still provide the long life expectancy for the end users.

Applications for Robotic Laser Heat Treating include:

  • Bearing Journals
  • Bend or Forming Radii
  • Cam Faces
  • Cutting Edges
  • Firearms
  • Feed Screws
  • Gear Teeth
  • Punches
  • Pocket Floors
  • Sealing Surfaces
  • Shutoffs
  • Splines
  • Tooling Wear Areas

Due to the temperature control of our laser, the heat can be applied precisely to the desired area, which makes it possible to achieve exactly the required degree of hardness, without material distortion of the surrounding areas.

During heat treating, the process and parameters are being documented by our onboard quality system to ensure quality of the process  and reproducibility. The Meadville, PA Laser Hard location is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company [certified by NSF].

With its self-driving tracks, the robot can effortlessly be driven directly into the desired area. Once on site, the flexible robot arm moves in free 3D movements, reaching even the most demanding, three-dimensional workpieces without issue. Therefore, there is no need to remove the components to be heat treated.

Materials include:

  • Carbon Steel (4140, 4340)
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel (410, 420)
  • Tool Steel (A2, D2, H13, M2, P20, S7)

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