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Introducing the first state-of-the-art
robotic laser heat treating system

With over 70 years of experience servicing the Tool and Die industry, we can now provide an incomparable advantage in Cost Reduction and Reduced Down Time.

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As a leader in both emerging laser technologies and heat treating, we are proud to introduce our Robotic Laser Heat Treating System. This state of the art equipment is the first production system of its kind for targeted hardening and tempering of metal surfaces in the United States.

Allow us to demonstrate for you what the latest developments in laser technologies can provide for your components. With the recent innovations in Laser Heat Treating, combined with over 70 years of experience servicing the Tool and Die industry, we can now provide an incomparable advantage in “Cost Reduction” and “Reduced Down Time”.

Through the latest innovations in laser technology and digital metering, the customer can now economically benefit from the Key Benefits below, as they provide the ability to achieve perfection in custom surface hardness and case depth accuracy, while lowering post manufacturing and machining process cost.

Laser Hardening

Key Benefits:

The laser heat treating system provides the advantage of focused energy to only the specific areas where hardening or tempering is required, thus significantly reducing, if not eliminating the need for secondary machining of undesired hardened areas. Once our skilled technician programs the layout of your workpiece, the advanced robotic laser system precisely follows the workpiece contour in freeform 3D movements, thus allowing parting line edges, grain surface, nubs or individual points to be hardened with exacting precision.

Unlike conventional heat treating systems, the energy output of this advanced laser system is digitally controlled with exacting measure, to assure the desired case depth hardness is achieved. The temperature-dependent control of our laser, governed with a real-time pyrometer, delivers precise energy to the location, achieving the measured degree of hardening required.

Our system is 100% portable, allowing our system to be taken to the components requiring heat treating. The self-driving tracks allows the unit to be brought directly to the work station while your components remain in position, saving expensive teardown costs.

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