Laser Hardening is becoming the go-to process when it comes to hardening selective areas on molds and dies, such as parting lines, shutoffs, shears, etc.

Some of the benefits of Our Laser Hardening Process consist of:

  • Built in Pyrometry, guarantees consistent temperature control at the workpiece for repeatable results
  • Precise energy input reduces distortion and risk of cracking
  • Capable of hardening finished components reducing manufacturing cost
  • Case hardness up to .080″ depth
  • Ability to harden selective areas vs. hardening the entire workpiece
  • 8-Axis of motion reduces set-up/fixturing time, resulting in reduced process cost
  • Self-Quenching

The ability to harden tooling in its finished condition is saving manufacturing companies big dollars. Check out a recent laser hardening project we worked on below:

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