• Reduced costs and hassle
  • Selectively harden areas
  • Great way to improve durability of tooling

Laser Hardening is becoming the go-to process when it comes to hardening selective areas on tooling, operational components, and various other applications.

We used targeted Laser Hardening to help extend the life of glass bottle molds, as glass molding is an abrasive process. The molds are made of cast iron and we achieved a hardness of 47 RC. Laser Hardening is a great way to improve durability of tooling.

Some benefits of this process include:
• Built in Pyrometry, guarantees consistent temperature control at the workpiece for repeatable results.
• Precise energy input reduces distortion and risk of cracking.

• Case hardness up to .060” depth.
• Laser is mounted on a highly flexible robot with state-of-the-art software to reduce setup time and production cost.
• Base material is self-quenching, resulting in higher hardness.